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Lago Arpy

Walking in the Alps

The word "energy" is a translation of the Chinese word Chi. It is related, but not precisely the same thing as the scientific concept of energy. 
The word as used in this context, is something that essentially should be felt.
We have put togther 5 incredibly beautiful CHI hikes in La Thuile that abound in natural energy. We believe they are unique in the Alps. You cannot help but feel the CHI presence when you come upon powerfull waterfalls, calm alpine lakes and spetacular glacial views. We will lead you to these special spots each day which will undoutably revive your body and mind. 
Each walking day offers 2 levels of walks: one for experienced fit walkers (A level) and the other a much shorter walk for strollers (B level). 
Both walks each day will take you to high energy points and offer spectacular views. 


Each day starts at 7.30 am with a non compulsory session of the 5 Tibetan rites to activate and stimulate the seven key energy chakras in the body. Breakfast then follows at 8.00am after which we depart at approx. 09.30am on our walks. We return each day back ot the Chalet Alpina for a stretch yoga class offered free of charge around 6.00pm. Dinner is served at 8.00pm.

Lake Arpy
Day 1 - Water walk

A level: 650m ascent 650m descent - 6 hours circular . our walk starts from the Chalet Alpina and follows the Dora river through forests and Alpine meadows.  After a small col we get to the small village La Joux where we start the acsent up to the first of the 3 magnificent waterfalls of La Thuile.  We then continue up into an unkown mystical valley of small alpine lakes and majestic scenery of the Mont Blanc range. We eventually arrive onto the ski area of La Thuile and make our way leasurly down to La Thuile
B level: 200m ascent 200m decent - 2 hours 30 min circular. This walk initially follows the same route as above up ot the 1st spectacular waterfall and then follows a route back down to La Thuile through forests and Alpine meadows

Earth Walk
Day 3 - Earth walk
Mont Blanc
Day 2 - Fire walk

Under construction

Wind Walk
Day 4 - Wind walk

Under construction

Under construction

Ruitor Waterfalls
Day 5 - Aether walk

Under construction


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