Getting here

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Getting here


Flights are pretty easy to organize these days and there are some excellent prices to Turin as well as Geneva. If you are thinking of hiring a car try also looking at flights to Milan and Genoa on the Italian coast as they are only 2 and a half hours away by car. All airlines seem to be competing now for low prices. Try Ryan Air for Turin and Genova, Easy Jet for Geneva and Turin, British Airways for Geneva, Milan, Genova, BMI for Milano and whatever else you can find on the search engines over the internet.


For more than 4 persons we can arrange a private minibus transfer service from Geneva, Turin and Milan. Geneva and Turin costs approx. 280€ each way and Milan Malpensa from 400€ each way. For 4 persons or less a private transfer is quite costly so we recommend you book flights into Geneva as there are many shared shuttle transfers to Chamonix costing around 25€ per person. We will then arrange a private transfer from Chamonix to La Thuile which costs 120€ for up to 4 persons. 


CAR HIRE: 7 days (unlimited KM) 
Lowest category car (4 can squeeze in) 
All airports – cost approx. 200,00 Euro for 7 days. Return fuel & toll costs from nearby airports are approx. 100€ for Geneva & Turin and approx. 120€ for Milan. 
We have found the best value car hire website for Italy is 
When booking car hire in Geneva we've found if you choose prices in Euro rather than any other currency the rate seems to be better and in Geneva choose the French side of the airport to pick up your car as again it seems to be cheaper. If you rent vehicles often, then take out a yearly excess car hire insurance like rather than paying the exorbitant car hire insurance supplements. Read your contract carefully before you sign it when picking up your car as car hire companies are experts at selling you extras you don't need. Make sure you get chains or snow tires though with your rental in the winter and don't forget to add antifreeze additive into the fuel for diesel cars. You can find it at any filling station. 


From Geneva airport get on the motorway that circles the city and follow direction to France and then Chamonix.
Go through the Mont Blanc Tunnel. Get a return ticket which is valid for 7 days and costs approx. 54,00 Euro return. 
Warning - after passing through the tunnel be careful   
DO NOT take the motorway to Aosta (marked with a green sign) or you will end up in Aosta town and have to drive all the way back up the valley to get to La Thuile. Stay on the normal road to Courmayeur. Drive on past Courmayeur being careful again not to take the motorway (marked with a green sign) to Aosta. 5 Km after Courmayeur you get a small town called Pre St. Didier and that's where you turn up to La Thuile.  From the town centre follow the following directions supplied by google maps to get ot the hotel.  

From Turin airport take the motorway to Turin center and then turn off onto the Tangienziale motorway towards Milano/Aosta. Keep following signs for Aosta and then continue on the A5 motorway to Aosta. Don't turn off the motorway to Aosta when you get to the toll gates but follow signs for Mont Blanc tunnel. At Morgex turn off and take the state road to Pre. St Didier and then on up to La Thuile.

From Milano airports take the A4 towards Turin and just after the Santhia exit turn on to the A4/5 towards Ivrea.  Then change on to the A5 towards Aosta and follow on as from Turin.

From Genoa take the A10 towards Savona. Just after Voltri take the A26 towards Alessandria and continue past Casale Monferrato. Then take the A26/A4 towards Ivrea and then on to the A5 as if coming from Turin.

Here is our position on google maps CHALET ALPINA. After google maps opens just click directions on Google maps and follow them. Please note ignore the no entry sign at the beginning of the road as it only applies to the section of the road after you have reached the Chalet Alpina. We don't have big flashy signs so look out for our lovely wooden Chalet.
There is free outside parking right by the Hotel.